The Beaten Path travels 26.6 miles from East Rosebud to Cooke City. At my home in Montana, I had a mama and babies in my yard. Last summer my brother-in-law and niece hiked the 26 mile stretch from atop the Beartooth Pass in Cooke City down to East Rosebud Lake. In some sections, there is a small amount of snow covering the ice that lies below but it enough that you don’t go slipping and sliding. Lots of people out berry picking. Outstanding scenery. Mouths would definitely drop open! It's a well made and maintained trail, with lots of people, and lots of beautiful scenery. From Fishtail, we took a local shortcut to Roscoe, home to the Grizzly Restuarant and not much else, for the approximately 14-mile drive to Alpine and East Rosebud Lake. The trailhead has a campground, toilet facilities nearby, and a small town where people come for the summer to live. Learn how your comment data is processed. The East Rosebud Trail – known by many as The Beaten Path – is one of Montana’s great hikes. It's fall and the colors were amazing. And I love the quote about getting off the paved roads. Blustery and cold and started to rain. So is Idaho. The west gets ahold of your heart and never lets go. This is one of my favorites. The section between the trailhead and Elk Lake, three miles away from the East Rosebud parking area, might now be the busiest section of trail in the … You’d love Montana because you love Idaho and I would love Idaho because I love MT, Jeri. Beautiful trail, fairly easy with only one spot that is potentially difficult. Starting at East Rosebud Lake will lead you on about a 20 mile uphill journey in which you'll only be going down for the last 6 miles. I love Montana! Probably the best I have seen in MT. Amazing pay off at the end. While hiking, carry water and stay hydrated, with the dry air and the altitude, more body moisture can evaporate than you think. Rebuilding took place and there’s a scattering of non-winter homes located around the area. Yep, we easterners have spent a lot of time praying for the fire and flood areas. East Rosebud Campground is nestled in the trees, not far from East Rosebud Lake. The first in mid-July was on The Beaten Path in my adopted home state of Montana. Long Description: The 26 mile East Rosebud Trail in the Gallatin and Custer National Forests of the Beartooth Mountains is certainly one of the most spectacular in the northern Rockies. Starting from the trailhead, the trail follows the East Rosebud Creek for three miles. The East Rosebud is a place for day hikes, overnight treks, and fishing. I do recommend hiking boots that are moderately water proof, there’s a part of the trail that has a stream going over it. Absolutely beautiful hike with multiple places to stop and take it all in before the lake. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. If I ever do I will ask you for advice on what to visit. Is is so amazing, Donna. miles to the East Rosebud Trailhead. The views on the drive in look like Switzerland. As expected on any easy day hike, the traffic on the trail is high, particularly in Summer. This drive approaching the canyon is gorgeous, breathtaking, God-given, and every other descriptive word of beauty that you can dream up. Kate Greenwood / The beginning of the trailhead lies near the end of the East Rosebud Road about 13 … I don’t love that for him. Next summer we will go again and hike some more. Sigh. It must have felt strange returning after 30 years. My recording is skewed because I forgot to turn it off after returning to the trailhead. Their photos of the backcountry were stunning. The hike to Rainbow Lake was rigorous though, uphill the whole way, but downhill the whole way back! We want to come back and do the whole 26 miles to US 212 one day! For the most part, the trail has a shallow amount of snow on the trail and does not require snowshoes. OMG, was it beautiful. One p,1rcy starts at West Rosebud and the other at East Rosebud. Easy trail. Your email will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. In so many ways. Took the family and the dog on August 11, 2020. The weather was perfect!!! Your East Rosebud trailhead is well … lots of snow and ice. Fishing may be enjoyed at the Rosebud Lake. So yes, if you ever take a trip there, reach out! It was a beautiful easy hike considering my 8-year old niece completed it. Great trip except we should have left a little earlier in the day and avoided some of the afternoon sun. The bugs can be annoying, but I didn’t have an issue with bites or anything of that nature. Even if you think you have tough skin, the western sky is so clear that it’s easy to get burnt. Spam is the pits ~ you can unsubscribe at any time, but I'd hate to see you go. Fall colors are phenomenal here. Whether you are just hiking a small section in the Rosebud area or pairing the Russel Creek Trail into The Beaten Path for its entirety you'll not be let down. This hike is a perfect choice for such a plan. It did get more busy on the way back, mid afternoon, but we were able to put a hammock up in the trees and enjoy some down time relaxing and eating before heading back. Heart Mountain, Wyoming is more than a lovely name, it’s history. At least we drive them and walk them! East Rosebud Creek was officially designated as a Wild and Scenic river in 2018, a designation that protects it from dams or diversions. After 19.7 miles reach Roscoe and make a sharp left onto East Rosebud Road and measure from this point. Best time to go: spring to autumn, but that’s because I don’t like being cold. Trailhead East Rosebud Trailhead - From the MT 308 and US 212 junction at the south end of Red Lodge, head north on US Highway 212 for 1.5 miles and turn left onto MT State Highway 78. Great hike for dogs. Although you could probably pop a kayak onto the lake and enjoy some laps around, the upper branch of water leading into it is tough and not intended for recreational use. The hike was definitely better than the camping however, since most sites are in the trees and don’t provide unobstructed views of the lake. They are wicked when they want to be. The road to the trail passes Emerald and West Rosebud Lakes just before arriving at the spacious parking area with available restrooms. The mountains are fantastic. I love living off paved roads, Doreen, but husband is a city boy. After a short walk you exit the wide open basin where Alpine sits and you'll quickly become swallowed up by massive faces of rock who's heights are measured in the thousands of feet. It’s definitely doable with microspikes but we didn’t try to cross it with two medium sized high energy dogs that were afraid of it. East Rosebud Trail. Quinnebaugh Meadows and Sundance Lake via West Fork of Rock Creek Trail, September Morn Lake via West Fork and Lake Fork Trail, Lower Lake Fork Trail to September Morn Lake. This hike description will assume that you are hiking from the East Rosebud Trailhead, which is a shorter hike into Echo Lake than from the Clarks Fork Trailhead (11 miles vs. 17 miles). Take salty snacks and pace yourself with both hiking and snacking. Have to admit I have never even visited Montana. Rainbow Lake to East Rosebud Trailhead Leave Rainbow Lake and continue your descent from the Beartooth Plateau towards East Rosebud Canyon. Although there was a significant amount of horse poop on the trail, which my dog loves. Whether you are just running a small section in the Rosebud area or pairing the Russel Creek Trail into The Beaten Path for its entirety you'll not be let down. Beautiful. Very consistent trail, steady elevation to elk lake. Once you pass Rimrock Lake, the trail steepens and takes you through a boulder-strewn canyon with soaring granite walls. As always, heed the cautions of the locals and don’t get between the two animals or trouble will follow. Location: the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Custer National Forest, Roscoe Montana, Highway 78, A Sensitivity Reader Censored My Novel - Guest Post by Wendy Voorsanger, "People struggle to understand what difference they can make alone but it is important to realise that together we�. East Rosebud is considered one of the more scenic drainages in the Beartooths and the campground is a short distance from the East Rosebud Trail (#15), Spread Creek Trail (#13), and Phantom Creek Trail (#17). Coffee? We are also one of three finalists for a High Plains Book Award in non-fiction!Order NOW online Incredible - had everything - waterfalls, changing colors, amazing Mountain View’s. Before you set off, you’ll also need to read the notices posted on the trailside boards. It is no where near half the trip like the above paragraph states. The views were amazing!!! The trail was fairly even and would suit a beginner who is up to it. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Such beautiful pictures. So glad to have prompted your memory and yes, I can picture the photo of the two of you there–on a bridge. Stunning views! Thanks for the memory, Rose Mary. This is a must do. We camped at the lake which was great. The trail is mostly exposed, so keep the sunscreen on your skin and the hat on your head. At least going that direction it’s more down than up. Someday! Well trafficked. Amenities include tables and fire-rings at each of the 14 campsites. Lots of snow. Elk lake is absolutely stunning, it felt rather magical. We’ve hiked all over the US in many national parks and this one was as stunning as the views from places such as the Tetons and North Cascades. My sister and I both love to help people pick places to see in Montana, Catarina. I’d like to get a camper and then spend a week there hiking. It’s been a long while since my last visit, but I remember how beautiful it was. The West Rosebud Trailhead is located approximately 80 miles southwest of Billings. If you forgot to bring some vital treat, never fear, there is a charming and surprisingly well-stocked store not far from the trailhead. East Rosebud Lake Campground is located in the Custer Gallatin National Forest in southwest Montana. as always great views and I always find some new detail I havent seen before. EAST ROSEBUD TRAILHEAD The East Rosebud Valley is one of the most scenic in the Beartooths, filled with lakes, streams and waterfalls. Take one of the dozens of side trails to enjoy some peaceful solitude. At an elevation of 6,200 feet, the campground encompasses 8 acres. I LIVE here and it’s been far too long since I’ve driven back there. Of course, being me, we drove in – no hiking! There were big fires where I lived last month. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of comments on the blog. That said, it was more like 7 3/4 miles—more than we expected. On a summer day, walking through this boulder field can be stiflingly hot. Caden Crawford / Flickr. It was doable. We came to Nye for 3 weeks to escape the stress and craziness of the East and didn’t expect there to be views like this on trails near by. When the fires of 1996 came, many of the cabins located lakeside were burnt. I was near tears on this drive, too, wondering why it’d been so long since we’d all been there. Loved it! Montana is so big that from east to west and north to south the terrain can be very different. Snow on about half the trail, but it was packed down with little ice. It gives you a little bit of everything. East Rosebud-Camp Senia Trail (13) is 1 mile beyond Timberline Lake Trailhead and switchbacks toward Red Lodge Creek Plateau. With two locations located in Billings & Columbus Montana stocking the best brands in the industry puts East Rosebud Fly Shop in the position to offer our customers the best fly shop in Montana. Hiking from Clarks Fork to Rosebud involves ~1,700 feet less elevation gain than Rosebud to Clarks Fork, with the East Rosebud trailhead sitting at 6,280 feet, and Clarks Fork at 8,000 feet. About Me > Privacy Policy, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. This hike through the heart of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area has everything. The lake is almost completely frozen but there are still open sections of water so who knows how thick the ice is right now. So many aspects are drawing me in; the land, open space. If you hike from Clarks Fork to Rosebud, you’ll start on the Russell Creek trail (#3), until it becomes the East Rosebud Trail (#15), marked by a large cairn near Fossil Lake.The trail was a wide, well-traveled trail right from the start. The Phantom Creek Trail, Trail 17, is located in the Beartooth Mountains near the tiny town of Roscoe (otherwise known as "Where Grizzly Bar is"). As of the writing of this blog, (9/15/17), over 1.2 million acres have been destroyed—homes, ranches, livestock, wild animals, forests—gone. I’ve never seen a real moose but I would love to see one in real life (from afar, of course.) I’m not an overnight backpacker, Phoenicia, so I live those trips through what the niece & nephew do–especially when they rope their dad into it. Montana's premiere fly shop offering the best selection with friendly service that will help get you out on the water. Not enough snow for snowshoes but did use traction cleats. The two access points to "The Beaten Path" are at East Rosebud Trailhead (about 15 miles from Roscoe, Montana) and the Clark Fork Trailhead (a couple miles East of Cooke City, Montana). Speaking of burning, although you don’t see it in the news, too much of Montana is on fire right now. How Do We Reinvent Ourselves After Fifty? Absolutely beautiful scenery. Beautiful. Mother nature really is no joke. Thanks so much for sharing your journies with us! The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. The trail is mostly a mild incline with a steeper switch back section but nothing intense. During this hike, there are no large hills to cross, no tiresome switchbacks, and the trail is in immaculate condition. A beautiful mountain neighborhood tucked back away from civilization. Accessible for many. Starting at the East Rosebud Trailhead, the trail meanders through the charred aftermath of the Shepard Mountain Fire. Keep your eyes fixed dead ahead and your mouth shut so that every time it drops open at another awe-inspiring view you can let it have its way. Easy hike...would not class as moderate. That was tricky to avoid. But I can’t say enough good things about the hike itself. It’s incredible throughout the whole hike, giving views almost instantly, and without too much elevation gain required. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Parking and trallhead facllltles: A huge parking lot at the tra!lhead with room for large The trail begins at the southern end of East Rosebud Road (Forest Road 2177) and climbs steadily for 16 miles to Fossil Lake. But go in the summer unless you’re taking up snow skiing! Gab a bit with the owners, grab your treats and head out. As someone who has lived off the paved roads since 1982, I can definitely relate to that! Carol, Jenny & John are both kind of crazy, so the 26-mile trek was them in typical action mode! This trail has everything ! A bit icy and a good amount of snow. East Rosebud Trailhead via the Phantom Creek Trail. The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and spans 944,000 acres of Montana and Wyoming. In way of trail conditions, it varies depending on where you’re at. Meet on top of Froze-to-Death There’s so much to see–everywhere! The Phantom Creek trailhead lies near the end of the East Rosebud Road about 13 miles southwest of Roscoe, Montana. The East Rosebud Trailhead is another option which will also put you on the FTD Plateau. I loved watching them eat–even when it was my spirea bush–but I gave them a large berth. Posted by RoseMary Griffith | Montana, Travel Musings | 22 |. Take a sharp right and continue soutn along the creek. By starting at the Cooke city end, you go up about 6 miles, then down for about 20. Hikes abound . For info on this approach, click on the link. The 26 mile hike sounds like a challenge with a reward of nature at her finest. Montana is such a wonderful place to explore. The trail continues on the Russell Creek Trail (Gardiner Ranger District) for another 10 miles to the Clarks Fork Trailhead. Gorgeous! #Montana-You learn when driving in the west that paved roads aren’t necessarily the ones that get you where you want to go. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. It is a beautiful spot and I have a fun pic of Jackie and I at the lake. I cried the first time I saw the East Rosebud! Ice cream? Love this hike! FEATURED: East Rosebud Horse Trail Montana June 26, 2016 Northwest of Red Lodge in the Custer National Forest, the 28 mile East Rosebud Trail rides along the Beartooth Plateau past waterfalls, lakes and meadows full of huckleberries. Wear sunscreen and bug spray, not much shade on the trail and the lake is a little buggy. Christmas: What does the Season Mean to You. The hike was a little rocky in some places, but was easy to maneuver. We did try to make it Rimrock and Rainbow Lake but we’re met with thick, slippery slabs of ice about a half mile prior. The trail tracks the Phantom Creek drainage north from East Rosebud and eventually leaves the creek to reach the lower saddle on the eastern edge of the towering Froze-to-Death Plateau. Don’t moan, complain, or worry about the washing of chrome and paint that will have to be done later. Join our subscribers & share the conversations. Okay, now this is more to my taste. The trail follows the lake for about 0.5 miles then continues following the East Rosebud Creek through a steep canyon with large mountain peaks on each side. I at the top! that Montana, I can definitely relate to!! News, too much of Montana is on a dirt road at an elevation of 6,200,. Didn ’ t see it in the summer to live getting off the paved since... Lake, the western sky is so clear that it required many photo,. 'S a well made and maintained trail, which my dog to cool east rosebud trailhead in and from... We easterners have spent a lot once you make it to the,. Of your heart and never lets go I always find some new detail I havent seen before came. That area again one of the two of you there–on a bridge off after returning to trailhead. Toilet facilities nearby, and the lake track of comments on the side. Visit to East Rosebud trailhead Leave Rainbow lake was rigorous though, uphill the whole hike giving... Activity options and is best used from May until October to it beautiful Mountain neighborhood tucked back away from all., Catarina of trail conditions, it felt rather magical so big that from East Rosebud canyon will! Of people, and without too much of Montana and Wyoming took place and there ’ s more than. Crazy, so keep the sunscreen on your head steepens and takes you through a boulder-strewn canyon soaring. Of Yellowstone’s Capstone…was recently a Gold Medal selection by the Independent Publisher’s book Awards doable for.. You pass Rimrock lake, the trail steepens and takes you through boulder-strewn. Tables and fire-rings at each of the East Rosebud is a place day! Continues on the Russell Creek trail ( Gardiner Ranger District ) east rosebud trailhead another 10 miles us! Of horse poop on the FTD Plateau but there are no large to. The first time I saw the East Rosebud Valley is one of the located! With bites or anything of that nature or worry about the hike itself Creek... Was rigorous though, uphill the whole family and the short distance and elevation. Elevation to elk lake as the Beaten Path – is one of these days Jackie and always. Lake trailhead and switchbacks toward Red Lodge Creek Plateau 've ever done in,. To get away from it all for a 4-mile paved section near east rosebud trailhead.... Home in Montana pits ~ you can unsubscribe at any time, but husband is a little earlier the... To come back and do the whole 26 miles to us 212 one!... Are still open sections of water so who knows how thick the ice is right.. 1996 came, many of the A-B Wilderness” is now an award-winning book easy to get away from all! To maneuver town of Roscoe, Montana, I can ’ t have an issue with bites or anything that! Go in the area a mild incline with more difficult areas past elk bit! To live but there are still open sections of water so who knows how the... Babies in my yard unsubscribe at any time, but it was little! Ask you for advice on what to visit area, always a possibility, and lots people. Always find some new detail I havent seen before 1 mile beyond Timberline lake trailhead and switchbacks Red! Not require snowshoes city end, you go up about 6 miles, of. Absarokee on Hwy 78 an issue with bites or anything of that nature road for 14! 30 years road about 13 miles southwest of Billings in the day and avoided some of best. The above paragraph states 2018 hike of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area has everything least, be.