If Kroger's private label business was its own company it would land at about No. Sign up for our free newsletter. Complete Kroger in Florida Store Locator. Save. Email. Over time, cutting the house brand can also pressure name-brand suppliers to lower their prices as well. Private Selection is Kroger's No. What does one have to do to be part of the suit? The proposed Class in the Kroger coffee class action lawsuit includes anyone in California who purchased one or more Kroger ground coffee products since July 28, 2016, and “is so numerous that joinder of all members would be impracticable,” the complaint says. "A strong private label can be a key differentiator – particularly in an environment that’s grown increasingly more competitive," said Zack Fadem, analyst with Wells Fargo.

  • The VERTUO coffee and espresso coffee machine conveniently makes 5, 8, 14 oz, 18 oz Coffee and 1.35, 2.7oz Espresso. We are regular shoppers in Krogers and several years ago, up popped kroger Mayonnaise on the shelf "Made by Hellmans."